1. What is low level language?

a) Machine Language       c) Forth generation language

b)High level language      d) Fortrain language

2. What is internal memory of computer?

a)       Floppy Diskette           c)Translator

b)       RAM                           d)Hard disk

3. Write the definition hardware & software.

4. To show document before printing:

5. To load existing document:

a)       New

b)       Save

c)       Open

d)       Print

6. To print document:

a)       New     b) Save      c) Print Preview       d) Print

7. To duclicate text:

a)       Select text, Copy, Paste

b)       Select text, Copy, Cut

c)       Copy, Paste

d)       Select text, Copy, Put

8. Find the decimal value for hexedecimal number:


9. Find the decimal value for binary number:


10. In what way to use right button of mouse?

11. Translate the following computer terms from English:

Arrange                 Ascending                  Alt                         Add

Caps Lock             Customize                  Clipboard              Convert

Desktop                 Data                            Draw                     Default

Shortcut                 Setting                        Spelling                 Scrolling

12. What is a byte & bite?

13. Central processing unit consist on:

a)       CU, memory, ALU           b)     CU & RAM          c) CU & ALU

14. Input device are the following:

a)       Keyboard, display, light pen, scanner.

b)       Mouse, keyboard, scanner.

c)       Keyboard, plotter.

15. What command do you use for moving text?

a)       Select text, Edit, Replace

b)       Edit, Undo

c)       Select text, Cut, Paste

d)       Copy, Paste

16. What generation of computer does IBM PC\AT belong to

a)       Second       b)     Fist          c)     Fourth          d)   Third

17. Add & subtruct two binary number:

11010                            11010

+10111                          – 10111

18. Which of the following is software:

a) Transistor      b) Translator        c) Mouse            d) Index register

19. Which of the following is kind of memory:

a) ROM      b) Control bus    c)  Monitor      d) Control unit

20.   An example of output device of computer is:

a) Acumulator   b) Display c)Printer    d) Light pen


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